Friday, February 24, 2006

It's almost spring...

...and in the spring my Germanic foodie heritage comes parading out. I guess it should be more along October with Oktoberfest, but for me it seems more a spring thing...? I don't know what that's about. Must have been all the crack I've smoked.

When I speak of my dear dear grandmother, I have had people say things like:

"She sounds like a lovely Southern woman."
"Are you sure she ain't black?"
"You're Jewish right?"

No, no and no. But I would love all three!!! OMG I would love it! Nope, actually grandma was just a lovely Irish lass who married a strapping lad of German lineage. This is all on my mom's side. On my father's side...I have no far as I know...I could care less...he took off when he found out mom was preggers, came back when I was three, took off again and I didn't meet him until I was 14, saw him again @ 16 and haven't seen him good riddance to bad rubbish. Anyways...sidetracked...

Irish + German = BEER

All that said, grandma made some amazing food and I have a few of her authentic German recipes and will be sharing them in the near future. But as a preview, Simply Recipe had this one up the other day that got me really's one that we had on a regular basis when I was growing. And the world famous....(I CAN'T EVEN SAY IT YET--You'll have to hold your britches!)

One other thing though that I will share...and hopefully try the loyal readers know, my mom and aunt visited this past weekend and we were chatting on Friday night with some guests who were visiting when my aunt reminded me of grandma's French Fried Pork Chops. Yes, French Fried Pork Chops. You know on Seinfeld when Elaine PUSHES someone and yells SHUT UP! That was me. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE UNBELIEVEABLY AWESOMENESS that was grandma's French Fried Pork Chops.

Way Way back in the land before time...actually not that long aunt is only going to be grandparents owned and operated a tavern called Heinie's in Appleton, WI. There was the beer and booze, but there was also the food. I think Friday night's were for Fried Chicken and grandma went to grab the chicken to prepare it from the freezer, but grabbed the wrong thing...oops. She grabbed pork chops. Oh well, she continued. (I don't have a recipe if you try this...trial and error) Coat the chops in flour then dunk them in a beer batter of Aunt Jemima and fry them in big ol' pot of hot oil until golden brown and delicious.

The chops get the nice crispy coating and then stay perfectly moist on the inside. I seem to always remember having these with some sort of potato, usually mashed, maybe home-fried, or maybe just fries? Now that I mention it I can't remember. The chicken was made with the same was the fish....!

I've put a call out to the family for more of grandma's recipes...I do hope to share them with you all.

Have a good weekend.

And if you want more German locally. How about Blob's Park? Read about it here. and here. I think plans might be forming for a field trip to Jessup, MD to Blob's Park for Polka and Beer!

And there is Cafe Berlin. Cafe Mozart Deli & Restaurant. Old Europe. These are all in DC and the ones I know of...the only one I've been to is Cafe Berlin...many many many times. I've heard good things of Cafe Mozart, it's downtown near the White House and Old Europe is in Georgetown...a friend has been many times and enjoys it.

And in Hagerstown, MD, there is the Schmankerl Stube. We've been a few times and have enjoyed ourselves.

If you know of and recommend other local German restaurants, please share!


Stef said...

Mmmm. Kraut, beer, sausage, and strudl = my 1995 summer studying abroad in Eastern Europe. Love me my Germanic heritage!

DC Food Blog said...

Holy Heidi Klum Bratman, I'm German too. Grandfather was one of seven raised by German immigrants on a farm in Oklahoma. Grandmother cooked Southern and others, but I could see my grandfather was pretty happy to get the German meal once in a blue moon. -J

Dancer in DC said...

Oh, and you realize I'm like 75% German too? Deutsch!

culocho said...

You'll have fun at Blob's park. Just bring an appetite and a sense of humor.