Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mmm, it's soo good!

Yesterday, Joyous came over and we made Cincinatti Chili and watched a movie. I encourage all the meat eaters out there to try this recipe at least once! There are a number of ingredients and a strange step at the beginning, but it is so easy.

  • 1) blanch the beef
  • 2) saute onions, garlic, spices
  • 3) add broth, water, tomato sauce
  • 4) simmer---DONE!

Really it's that easy. The chili simmers for an hour and gets all saucy. We made a double batch yesterday and threw a large container into the freezer for a lazy day when we don't want to go to the store.

After we gourged ourselves, I made the winning cookie from the Cookie Collection 2005! Yum. I made them extra large and when I'm eating one, I feel like I spent three dollars on it at Starbucks, except it's 100 times better. They are not a super sacchrine sweet cookie. Just sweet enough to get that sweet tooth. The remind me of the "Salty Oat" cookie at Teaism, except with some great stuff in it!


Joyous said...

I think even I can make this chile. I am not a left over eater, but I can't wait to heat up the take home Scotte and J-Lo gave me for later. And I highly recommend the cookies. They are so good, I would sell them in my theatre for $2.50 easily.

Stef said...

Mmmm, chili sounds so good! Do you think it would be as tasty with more point-friendly turkey? I'm a big crock pot user, that's actually about the extent of my culinary skills, but it's about time for me to do my winter batch of chili.

And look, Joyous commented!!! Love me some Joyous! :-)

ScottE. said...

ground turkey should work just as well.

You could use the crock pot, but the first two steps should be done as described...the low simmering would work in the crock pot.

Dancer in DC said...

This chili is so very good, which I'm sure I've said before. Add some cheese and sour cream on top, and it's just heaven.

DC Food Blog said...

I saw this on ATK but i just couldn't get over the meat looking like worms.