Monday, January 30, 2006

Earlier today I had this behemoth arrive at my door at the office. This will not serve as a review, but more of an overview. Weighing in at a backbreaking 7lbs (almost) and nearly 1300 pages, I can quickly see why this book as been the cornerstone of true Italian kitchens for the past 55 years and will be the keystone for American kitchens for the next 55 years!

The Silver Spoon was first published in Italy some 55 years ago. And has been THE gift given to every bride since then. It is in every kitchen, literally. There are over 2000 recipes in here, and I can't even begin to describe!!!!

Well, last year it was published in English for the very first time and quickly went on to become a best seller in English speaking countries the world over. I noticed it early on, but didn't realize what it was, Silver Spoon didn't speak, "Italian" to me, so I just moved on. Then I started to read about it and it's importance..... I was impressed, but I didn't see one in person, so I didn't rush was on my Amazon would find it's way to me!!!

Well, I think it was last week, Jon at I HATE BROCCOLI wrote up a post about it and I knew then, immediately, that I had to have it! (Thanks for prodding!!!)

But I was flummoxed. Borders didn't have it on their shelves. Amazon didn't expect to be able to delivery it within a five to seven week period...ahhh! Guess what...I'm not really much of a baker...! BUT...Amazon Marketplace had a few....someone there had an used copy for sale, a few cents cheaper than Amazon no less and they guaranteed shipment in 2-3 days. It arrived today in Perfect, un-used condition!

Jon's post is really good, so you can click over and read it for a more detailed review.

For now, I'm going to keep flipping through and lusting after this new gentle giant with it's tantalizing delights. I commented at I Hate Broccoli that it made me think thoughts I've never had before...mostly about vegetables...but really....I don't like peas...there was a picture in there...I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! There are also some things in there that I'd rather not know cooking kid....a sort of suckling lamb....why did they have to call it a kid....? I won't eat lamb "Don't eat me Lisa", let alone "Kid"!!!!!

Anywhoooosss...if you see it....this is one that deserves a spot on the counter in the kitchen where it will get used...and that way you won't have to lift it too far!!

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