Friday, January 06, 2006

Don't forget...

DC folks,

Don't forget, next week is Restaurant Week. A great opportunity to try a new restaurant you've always want to give a whirl, or to revisit an old favorite!

I hope you all try to take advantage of this special treat, and it's not just DC, there are Maryland and Virginia restaurants as well.

In my times going, I've tried:

Spezie-Yum yum Italian. There was some great soup and salad. I think I had pasta carbonara and then some mini plate of desserts. All very good.

Butterfield 9-This was my first Restaurant Experience. I was worried, but the food ended up spectacular. I had a risotto that was all mushrooms (which I HATE, but it
was great flavor...the 'shrooms were pushed to the side), and entree that I don't
really remember--chicken, probably and creme brulee for dessert that was pretty good.

And there was one other that I've been to, but can't remember the name and don't see them on the list for this year's oh well!

Live Well and Eat Well in 2006!



ScottE. said...

the Butterfield 9 restaurant is extending their Restaurant Week offering an extra week, according to their website. I know some other restaurants have done that in the past. Hope you find something fun. Come back and let us know what you find!!!!

Chilefire said...

I spent an evening at Butterfield 9 once (not durring restaraunt week ouch!) We had a wine paired meal put together by the chef for a friend, the food was pretty amazing, though there was so much wine I had a hard time remembering it all the next day!

I got the book you sent! Thank you so much! I stayed up far to late last night reading through it. What fun! I particularly like the entry about Eating the zoo in France. Nothing quite like Cat garnished with Rats when you are really hungry! A meal straight out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

ScottE. said...

ROCK ON! You got the "Prize." Like I'd said, nothing huge, not a bagazillion dollars, but a fun little thing.

Folks: The prize was a small factoid book called Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany by Ben Schott.

"From food history to cooking terms, cocktail recipes to dining etiquette, grace before meals to after-dinner toasts-this olla podrida offers everything for the wine drinker, gastronome, and glutton. Ben Schott's brilliant juxtaposition of delectable tidbits makes this new miscellany so hard to put down, it may even make you late for dinner."

Thanks again for playing the Cookie Collection 2005 contest!

The Kara said...

It's also restaurant week in New york next week. At my office we have a yearly event where three of us disappear for an hour and try out a restaurant that we usually would not indulge in for lunch. This year we'll be going to The Beacon - sounds like it's mostly a steak place but will let you know how it goes.