Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Yesterday DC FOOD BLOG posted on Meyer Lemons and that they were making Limoncello.

Yum Yum.

Today, Washington Post food section has an article on Limoncello and a recipe! Check it out.

I might have to buy me some Vodka and Lemons!!!


DC Food Blog said...

I know that the Post recipe says grain alcohol but everyone who I talked to about their limoncello says VODKA. Grain alcohol gives it a lighter fluid aftertaste.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Interesting! I bet it depends on the vodka - if you use crappy vodka, that can be pretty lighter fluidy too. I have some Polish vodka - Lubskova (not sure about the spelling) - that is the smoothest vodka I've ever had... maybe I will try with that. Too bad this takes so many weeks - I want Limoncello now!!

Lady Brandenburg said...

So I keep thinking about vodka vs. grain alcohol. I don't remember drinking a lot of vodka in Italy or Malta. Hmmm... I wonder if vodka is a variation on the original. Because grain (for homemade grain alcohol) grows aplenty in Italy, and good vodka is made from grain. I personally like potato vodka - it'd be interesting to see if that works too.

ScottE. said...

Lady B: You should make one with Grain and I'll make one with Vodka and we'll have a tasting party!!!!