Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Today I'll being in the prep for my stuffing for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I don't have a recipe, so here's my first attempt to get it in writing.

Scott's Stuffing/Dressing:

1/2 a loaf of white sandwich bread-cubed, about 1/2 inch
1/2 a loaf of wheat sandwich bread-ditto
1 onion, medium diced
Butter, couple tablespoons
Sage, fresh, finely chopped
Stock or Broth, a few cups
"Poultry Seasoning"

I take the bread and slice it into 1/2 inch cubes and dump them all in a paper bag. I fold the bag over and let this sit overnight. I will shake the bag up every few hours. You want to bread to 'dry' out. I don't want it to dry to a complete crisp, but pretty close, but no worries if it does.

When I'm ready to make the dressing, I will saute the onions in the butter, until they just start to carmelize. I'll add the fresh herbs.

Add the butter, sage, onion mixture into a mixing bowl and add the bread. Start adding the stock, about a cup at a time. Mix, with your hands. I toss and squish. I take handfuls and just squish it through my fingers, lightly, sort of. I don't want a complete mush, but a cross texture. Season with poultry season, salt and pepper to taste.

This year, I'm not stuffing the turkey, but making this as a dressing, so I'll place in a buttered baking dish and put in the oven during the last 1/2 hour of turkey cooking. I give it about and hour.

I really like to stuff the turkey, but I've never gotten enough stuffing for all the people who are coming over and I end up making a side dish of dressing anyway. This year, I'm stuffing the turkey with other stuff, herbs, onions, apples, lemons.

This is my take on the dressing/stuffing. I'll add an addendum as I move forward today and tomorrow to clarify what I have here.

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