Monday, November 14, 2005

Spice Blends

Hi all,

I've been cleaning out several folders and binders of recipes and stuff I've been hoarding for several years. Hence the multitude of postings lately.

Tonight I found two scrap sheets of paper with spice blends on them. They don't have quantities, so you'd have to play it by ear and try them out. In terms of storage for these spice blends, I always save my spice jars and reuse them for all sorts of goodies. Just wash with a mild detergent and dry completely. Sometimes I'll soak with a mixture of water and lots of baking soda. I've not experienced any cross "contamination" from my nutmeg to cayenne pepper for vice versa.

Italian Seasoning:

I would use less thyme, rosemary and sage and a little more of the others.

Emeril's Essence:
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

Here I know from my notes that paprika is the base, I guess go out from there in terms of quantities.

Use these spice blends as you see fit. I think the last time I mixed up some Essence, I used lots of it on popcorn!

In terms of spices, the rule of thumb with most spices is from the time you open them you have about 6 months before they lose their potency. Although a noble timeline, I laugh in the face of Alton Brown....I would be wasting so many spices (and MONEY) if I did that. Some of my spices that I buy in larger quantities are in double ziplocs to keep them fresher a little longer. That said, if the spices do start to go stale, it might be time to replace. If your can of allspice looks like it came from your grandmother's spice cabinet aka 1981, you may want to replace it! Serious:::I know that's exactly what's in my mother's cabinet!


ScottE. said...

And in all honesty: I dislike Emeril. He's on my "overrated" list.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Agreed. He totally plays up his accent. Disgrazie. (disgraceful to all Italians. even though I'm not Italian).

ScottE. said...

he's a big fake. past his welcome.

Dancer in DC said...

I admit that I was the one that first brought an allspice tin from probably 1975 into our home. It's a miracle Scott didn't throw it out on the spot.