Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eastern Market

Most of our regular readers know that I lived on Capitol Hill since the fall of 2000, until this past spring when, for financial reasons-mostly, we moved to the near suburbs to save some money.

During most of that time we worked on the Hill as well.

The number one thing that I miss the most, on a near daily basis is Eastern Market (and here). I would do most of my shopping there, get lunch there and just wander the stalls on the weekends. If you haven't been, please go and support the vendors and artists that make Eastern Market one of the greatest gems of the city.

Now that I don't live on the Hill, many of my visits are coordinated with my visits to either my Dr., Dentist or Eye Dr....but I know that I'll be making a major pilgrimage 11/22, to get most of what I need for Thanksgiving.

And right after Thanksgiving...what did I do on a daily basis until Christmas...walk through all the pine trees hanging under the canopy. I loved it and miss it.


DC Food Blog said...

It's truly one of the joys of living on Capitol Hill. I love the cheese vendor who literally shoves cheese samples in your face. We end up going there every weekend.

Dancer in DC said...

LOVE the cheesemonger. They introduced us to so many delightful cheeses, like Perrano.

The fishmonger is the only place I would really trust on the Hill to get good fish if it was a special occasion.

The best crabcake in DC is served right there at the grill!

And my favorite summer memories are strolling through the farm vendors and tasting sliced ripe tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yum-o!

Lady Brandenburg said...

And peaches... those yummy peaches we got the last time Lord Brandenburg and I went with you guys... they were the juiciest peaches I've ever had. Oh, and needless to say, LOVE to walk around the market - jewelry and antique gadgets and pottery from Tunisia, oh my!