Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dupont Grille

Last night we went to dinner after work. Both of us working in the Dupont/Farragut area, I was sent on a reconnaissance mission. I wanted something that we haven't been too, to much before. As I got to the circle, I remembered this place and having not been there, I took a look at their menu and thought why not.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of Jury's hotel.

The decor was simple. You're in a glass room, really. So as the review in the link above states, the surrounding neighborhood is the decor. I'm guessing if you are there are a warm evening you'd get some great people watching.

The menu had a few tasty things that I would like to try. Ultimately I had Steak Frites. It was pretty good. My understanding of the Steak Frites is that it is coated in cracked pepper, then grilled. This was just grilled, no cracked pepper coating. OK. Also, as I read in the review above, it was actually a London Broil. Again, it was good. The frites were really good, slightly over salted though. And I had to add a little extra salt to the steak. The steak had a compound herbed butter on top. I would suggest, if you get this dish, to request it on the side or not at all. The herbs were really good, but there was plenty of raw garlic...too over powering. I scooped the herbed butter off, which then left just a tasty grilled steak, that was a bitty little touch dry. So I stole the butter for the bread. From my little experience, you can't beat the Steak Frites at Les Halles on Pennsylvania Avenue. But this was good.

I had a glass of red wine...can't remember the name....of was a dark, full bodied, dry wine. I tasted all sorts of yummy flavors in it. It paired well with the grilled meat.

J had the special--trout, stuffed with crab, wrapped in bacon, on cheesy grits, with a light hollandaise sauce. Sooo much was going on. To qoute Lady B: "Redickerus." Rediculous, but so much, much more! "Re-Dick-Er-Us"

I'll let J talk more about it, but the taste I had was tasty, but the fish seemed extra sweet, ok, but not what I would have wanted.

Two Entrees, two glasses of wine, tax and tip was about $80.

Since there were a few other things on the menu I'd like to try, I'd consider going again.

PS: there are about 20 little sparrows on my balcony gorging on feed that I just put out. It's cute.


Dancer in DC said...

Your wine was a Barossa - don't remember the brand.

Mine was a rose' made from Cabernet grapes. Light and tasty.

My fish was good, but there was a lot going on. And I'm never sure how to deal with the fish skin/scales - when you wrap the fish, you quite logically leave the skin on. I can handle some of it, but generally I prefer to remove the skin.

On the whole, a pleasant dining experience. A tad on the pricey side, but not outrageous for what you get.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Good use of the word ridickerus. That is all.