Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Big, Thick, Hearty Thighs

That is the name of recipe #50 from Rachel Ray's newest book, 365 No Repeats; A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners. I haven't gone into it as I'm actually quite busy today, but I think we might be in for an adventure and I'm not sure what kind that will be!

I just find the name of the recipe funny. My first glance was: Big Thick Meaty Thighs. And that made me laugh.

I'll let you know later how the rest of the book is.


ScottE. said...

a true statement from a review of the book on Amazon:

"But, just a disclaimer, these are by no means 30 minute meals like it says on the cover. These recipes take at least and hour for me to make. Not all of us have Food Network oompa loompas pre-cutting our vegetables and cleaning the dishes"

DC Food Blog said...

Hee Hee. Nice entry title. And good on the reviewer about the cleaning of dishes. If you included time to clean as you go Ray Ray's meals take a lot longer than 30 minutes.

ScottE. said...

Update: I'm about 1/2 through the book. There are looking to be some nice simple dishes in there I might consider making and some that cause me to roll my eyes...Rachel, what were you thinking...and I have some issues with the book design & style...I'll get into more detail after I finish my skimming through.

jifye-how quickly the ooompa loompas do Rachel's bidding.

Stef said...

Wow, by the title of this post I thought you were writing about me!!! ;-)

So is it really chicken thighs or something? I have very mixed feelings about Ray Ray. I'll watch, but I won't always like it.

ScottE. said...

I'm pretty sure it's chicken thighs....I hope...I haven't read through the whole thing yet, but yep.

Agreed. I watch her nearly daily and sometimes I just have to shake my head...what are you thinking Rachel? As DC Food Blog said a while ago...stale bread as a substitute for gnocchi...sorry sister!