Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I've been really busy for the past few weeks and will remain so for the next few. Ugh. That said, I'm not going to really have the time to prepare the way I normally do for the blog and testing new recipes.

This is where you all come in!!!

I'd like to ask the readers to submit to me via email a favorite recipe and any notes or stories you have on it. Or if you have kitchen tips! I will then post them here for all to enjoy.

You can find my email is the description at the top of this page in the description of the blog, it is spelled out to foil those evil spammers!

Look forward to hearing from you. I will continue to post my own stuff over the next three/four weeks as best I can.

Many Thanks,


Lady Brandenburg said...

Great idea! Let me think about it for a day or two. I have been making some really good dinners from Weight Watchers recipes - tasty for everyone (not just those trying to lose pounds)!

Stef said...

Oh, you know I'm not much of a cook! But I did just use my best culinary tool -- my cell phone -- and ordered some cheap Chinese takeout from an AdMo place called O'Tasty. And it was really good! The portions are huge, and after eating some sweet and sour chicken and some chicken lo mein, I am actually really full. Two thumbs up!

Cuisine Vixen said...

Here's one of my favorites...I posted it on my (nascent) blog. It's Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Cream. It turned out great, and it's really easy.


And you should also check out the pumpkin flan with a gingersnap crust, at www.epicurious.com. Simply amazing.