Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Extra Reading

I've been quite busy and haven't much time to cook up any delights lately, and probably not until next week.

In the meantime, there are several articles in today's Washington Post about Whole Wheat Pasta and Sauce, they are worth the read.

"Brown Spaghetti and a good sauce"

"Whole Wheat Pasta taste testing"

"Sauce: A Family Tradition" This could be a name of a musical in a fringe festival!

There is also an article on fun wines.

Outside of this, not much is happening. I suspect today I will be buzzing** around the office driving everyone nuts...and tonight is the LOST SEASON 2 premiere!!!

**it's good. espresso and cream, sweetened. not as sweet as a bottled actually it may be better, but it was $2.99! Give it a trrrryyyyY!!!!!!!! twitch twitch shake shake buzz buzz!


Dancer in DC said...

Yeah, I've considered trying whole-grain pasta, but have been hesitant. I like the idea of Barilla's blend. Some of a good thing is better than nothing.

Lady Brandenburg said...

My mom, and other WW fans, love whole wheat and whole grain pasta, they say they would never go back to white pasta. Points-wise in WW, it's not that big a point difference between white and wheat, so I stick with white. I know it's better to have whole maybe the blend... good idea!

Stef said...

I first started trying Whole Wheat pasta during that vegetarian phase of mine, then kept it up when I tried South Beach last year. I still use W.W. fairly often, and I agree that it's best in shapes other than spaghetti. The fusilli and penne can be quite good.

And I agree with the taste-testing chef - the Bionaturae brand is the only way to go. It's much lighter and very tasty. I've tried many other brands that just end up looking and tasting like wheaty sludge. But the BN stuff, which comes in a light-tan plastic bag packaging, is great.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of nutritional advice--most of it has been around for a century! Then I am more sick of the food companies jumping on the bandwagon and coming out with inane products. And I am 'sickest' of the sheep-like purchasers of ANYthing ANYone recommends as something "you better eat or else".

I will continue to eat in moderation, EVERYTHING. The nutrition nazis drive me nuts (CSPI, etc.

Lady Brandenburg said...

By the way, please let me know if you see anything about brown rice... so far I've not been impressed by the taste of any brands I've tried.