Thursday, August 25, 2005

Coriandrum sativum


You're teeth curling? You're mouth watering?

I used to hate the stuff...I could tell when it was used in overabundance in certain Tex-Mex dishes. But slowly I started to really crave it. Now, when I go to the store to buy herbs, I almost always look for fresh cilantro, just sticking my nose in the batches of leafy green herbs. Mostly I'll be disappointed because Giant or Safeway has run out or what they have is a very sad excuse.

As my basil is about done (sad), right at the time my first ripe tomato is about ready (oh boy!), I'm thinking I might follow advice of the article linked below and just plant some cilantro!

"Cilantro" in today's Washington Post. Take a gander and read more about this "Culinary Assault Weapon."



Stef said...

We tasted gazpacho shooters at Design Cuisine yesterday, trying to pick a menu for our gala. The gazpacho was good, but we laughed at the idea of having a gala full of people with cilantro stuck in their teeth! :-)

Stef said...

Remind me to tell you all about the tasting later...self-indulgent heaven!