Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tagine Follow up

Hello Everyone.

Hope you all had a good time with the Quick Chicken Tagine. Below you will see some comments by those who participated last night and posted their comments. I had intended on making it, but the air conditioning wasn’t working and it was too damn hot to stand over a stove to cook. If it’s working, we’ll be having the chicken tonight…also without the couscous, as we have salad fixin’s we need to use. Thanks all. If you haven’t posted comments yet, please do so, it’s great to hear what worked and what doesn’t. I’m going to try to do another event in about two to three weeks. I have another simple Rachel Ray recipe, but I might also kick it up a notch with something else….? We’ll see what I’m in the mood to post.

And here are the comments we have so far:

Terri L in WI:
I decided to do a bit of mall shopping after work tonight, but still had plenty of time to make this recipe. Sooo easy! I whoops-ed at the beginning... started cooking the chicken before adding the garlic. No biggie, seemed to work just fine. I didn't make couscous, but had intended to grill pita to have along with the chicken. Unfortunately, when I opened the package of pita bread, the bread had started to mold! So disgusting. Quite upsetting, really, as I was looking forward to the pita, but I substituted whole wheat bread, grilling it in a pan with some olive oil and it worked quite well. No side dish for me. No veggie's either.... hmmm... haven't quite gotten my four food groups in today. Whoops! Still, it was fabulous! I opened a bottle of wine that is new to me, Barefoot California Cabernet Sauvignon.

"Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon is a jammy wine with robust flavors of wild berries and currants. Hints of toasted oak and clove complete the velvety, smooth finish"

Quite inexpensive and very tasty. Still enjoying it... and a bit tipsy, I might add. :) A great evening of food and wine. When can we do it again??

Scott: Sorry to hear about the pita. Take it back and blame the store. Good to know the wine is tasty! Rock on. Some co-workers of mine have spent lots of time in Morocco for work. They say beer is really the best thing to have with the tagine. I’m sure it is…but no reason wine doesn’t work either. I had asked if there was such a thing as good north African wine and people giggled and said the only thing worse is wine from India. OK then.

The Kara:
Cilantro - not just a garnish! Had fun cooking this dish - met all my 'easy' requirements (I could make it) and it was quick enough that I could do it while throwing in a load of laundry. I'm not big on raisins or couscous so ditched both of those. Completely took the tip on the pita and loved it... also the sauce is so good that any other veggie side you add will also soak up the goodness. I didn't have 'sweet paprika' - just regular paprika - does that make much of a difference? Wound up adding more eventually to spice it up. Good Call!

Scott: Did you do a bag of mixed frozen veg or was it a fresh veg? I’d be interested in hearing which vegs you used. The pita is great. I like to spritz mine with a tiny bit of olive oil and a light sprinkle of salt. Glams it up a bit. I don’t know the differences really, with the paprika. We have Hungarian, which is darker and smokier and we have “fancy.” I think that means, expensive for no real reason. Happy to know you adjusted the quantity to make it more to your liking. It is easy!

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