Monday, May 09, 2005


Welcome friends and foodies. This is my second blog attempt. The first was a random set of rantings and raves and I really didn't enjoy it. This blog will have a focus of food. Fitting for me. I hope to have regular updates featuring restaurant and recipe reviews. Please give me as much feedback as you can.

The recipes I'll be posting will include meat-centric dishes as well as veggie friendly dishes when I have them. I'll also post recipes for my infamous desserts. But those posts might disappear afterwhile, as they are what will keep me in business!!!! (wink wink)

I hope to begin soon with the postings.

Bon bouffe!

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Lady Brandenburg said...

Scott - this is perfect for Josh and me! Too many times we sit around making our grocery list on the weekend saying "what do we want for dinner this week..?" and we end up making the same old standbys. Now we can get some variety - from a trusted chef! Thank you!